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Thurgarton Emergency Plan update

Councillor Natalie Robinson launched a refresh of the Thurgarton Emergency Plan (TEP) with a kick-off meeting on 28th February attended by TEP Area Co-ordinators and Deputies.

The purpose of the meeting was to run through the roles, responsibilities of the Co-ordinators, walk through the emergency process and discuss what else we needed to do to improve the plan.

There was great engagement and participation with a number of ideas put forward including the importance of communication and how we ensure the rest of the village are kept informed of the Plan.

Appointment of Temporary Base

Firstly; you may have seen recently the Plan was seeking a new volunteer to take over as Base.  The role of Base is critical role to the Plan; as they act as the decision maker and a means of communication between all the various agencies as well as communication with Co-ordinators, Deputy Co-ordinators and Volunteers.

I am pleased to confirm that Charles Day has agreed to take on the role of Base on a temporary basis until a permanent replacement is found.

Keeping the database up to date

Secondly; a key priority for the Plan was to ensure that we had an up to date database so that in the event of an emergency we can not only make contact with you but also understand what resources and skills we already have in the village whether that’s equipment such as tractors/generators/pumps or people such as doctors/nurses.  I have therefore asked all the Co-ordinators to make sure the contact details we hold for each household are correct by making contact in the coming weeks.  We also recognise there are a number of new residents in the village and of course we want to ensure you are given the opportunity to register for the Plan; I have therefore included details below of the Co-ordinator for each Area so you can make contact with them if you so wish.

Please click here to find more information about why we have a Plan and details on the Co-ordinators and Deputies for each Area in the village.

I will be providing more updates on Thurgarton Emergency Plan so please look out for these in Thurgarton People as well as Village email service.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or feedback.

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Natalie Robinson

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