Thurgarton's Story - Our Village History

Evacuees in Thurgarton 1940

 Evacuees in Thurgarton 1940

How did our village get its name ?

What did the Romans do for Thurgarton?

Did the monks of Thurgarton really tunnel their way to the village alehouse?

How did the Home Guard plan to defend the village from German invasion in WW II?

The answer to these and many other questions on Thurgarton's past can be found by visiting the Thurgarton History website.


Millennium Notes

At the time of the Millennium celebrations a group of villagers contributed to a small booklet that accompanied the picture of the village painted by Mrs Hyams which is in the Village Hall. The booklet gave a snapshot of village activities up to the Millennium; some of the information in it of course is now out of date. You can view the booklet by clicking here.