Stated Objectives of TCA

TCA has a constitution which defines it's purpose and scope of responsibilities. It has delegated functions to perform the stated objects listed in that constitution on behalf of the good of Thurgarton Parish. This is the paramount point.

TCA is a stand-alone Community Group with its own bank account and responsibility to raise and defray funds. In the event of any winding up, any surplus funds will revert to the Parish Council to be used for similar purposes as the stated objects of TCA.

The formal objectives of TCA are listed in the constitution but in summary these are:

  • The development, co-ordination and support of village activities and events and the management of specific assets. TCA seeks to promote effective and efficient organisation with comprehensive coverage of social and educational activities to improve and increase community cohesion and well-being for the full parish benefit. TCA will support, or organise relevant activities itself.


  • To identify suitable projects for the collective mutual Parish benefit; this includes developing, organising and/or managing delivery of said stand-alone projects whether commissioned by TCA or other bodies.