Neighbourhood plan - Previous Stages

January 2017

Newark and Sherwood District Council (NSDC) has confirmed receipt of the Thurgarton Neighbourhood Plan, Submission version, and the other documents, and that they have confirmed that they are satisfied that the plan proposal submission meets the requirements set out in the 1990 Act and therefore complies with the criteria for a neighbourhood plan.

NSDC will now publicise the following information on their website, and in the next edition of the Bramley:

  1. The details of the plan,
  2. Where and when it can be inspected, which will be at the District Council Offices, Kelham Hall and Southwell library during normal office/opening hours.
  3. How to make representations on the plan proposals including provision for request of notification of the LPA decision on the plan proposal, and
  4. The deadline for receipt of representations which will be no later than 13th February 2017.

NSDC will also notify those consultation bodies identified in your consultation statement that the proposed plan has been received. NSDC have arranged to submit the plan to an Independent Examiner around 20th February 2017. Following close of the representation period NSDC will submit the plan together with any representations received to the appointed examiner. If the examiner recommends that the plan should proceed to referendum with or without amendment NSDC are required to give a further 6 weeks' notice before the referendum can take place.

December 2016

The Thurgarton Neighbourhood Plan is now at the Submission stage.

The 6 week consultation period is over, during which 91 parishioners completed the associated survey to express their views on the proposed policies. Significant support was found for the proposed 6 policies with between 89% and 100% of completed surveys supporting the policies. A variety of Statutory Consultees were also consulted on the Thurgarton Neighbourhood Plan Pre-Submission version. As a result of this feedback from parishioners and consultees a number of alterations were made resulting in the Thurgarton Neighbourhood Plan 2016-2026, Submission version (December 2016). This Thurgarton Neighbourhood Plan 2016-2026, Submission version, along with the other necessary documents – The Thurgarton Consultation Statement December 2016 and the Thurgarton Neighbourhood Plan Basic Conditions statement December 2016 were submitted to Newark and Sherwood District Council in December 2016.

View the Thurgarton Neighbourhood Plan 2016-2026, Submission version (December 2016)

View the Thurgarton Neighbourhood Plan Consultation Statement December 2016

View the Thurgarton Neighbourhood Plan Basic Conditions Statement December 2016

View the Results of the Pre-Submission Survey

October 2016 

The Thurgarton Neighbourhood Plan is now at the Pre-submission stage. A 6 week consultation period commencing 28th Oct and ending 9th December 2016 is the next part of the process. During this period parishioners are formally requested to:-

  1. View the Thurgarton Neighbourhood Plan, Pre-submission version

  2. Take part in a survey to express their views on the 6 policies contained within the Thurgarton Neighbourhood Plan

2 drop-in events will take place at Thurgarton Village Hall on Saturday 5th Nov between 1 to 3pm, and Tuesday 15th Nov 2016 between 7 to 9pm. At these events paper copies of the Thurgarton Neighbourhood Plan will be available to view and paper copies of the survey will be available to complete. Members of the Steering Group will also be on hand to answer any queries. During this 6 week consultation period the views of local business owners and local land owners are also being sought.

After the 6 week consultation process the Steering Group will collate the information fed back and include the majority views within the document. This submission version of the Thurgarton Neighbourhood Plan will then go through a series of examinations with a final referendum of parishioners in May 2017. If 50% or more of the votes are in favour of the Thurgarton Neighbourhood Plan then this will become a legal document.

Work completed up to July 2016

Housing Section

There has been ongoing new housing development in Thurgarton

Over recent years, the majority of new development has been :

  • large single dwellings infilling within the existing built up area
  • one off houses at the far end of the parish at Thurgarton Quarters
  • alterations, improvements and extensions to existing dwellings

Large development within the village

The Coach and Horses pub site on the corner of the A612 and Bleasby Road is the largest site to have been approved for development for some considerable time.

Thurgarton is a sought after village

Sitting on the edge of the Trent Valley, Thurgarton is a picturesque, sought after village with good transport links to Nottingham, Newark and Southwell. It is within the catchment area of very good Nottinghamshire schools and so attracts families with children seeking entry to these establishments.

Will there be future development?

There is pressure to develop further within the village and so the Neighbourhood Plan seeks to protect Thurgarton's inherent rural charm and heritage by defining what development its residents consider will be acceptable for the next ten years. After that the NP will be reviewed and updated.

Where could it be?

There are ongoing applications for development within the main built up area of the village and a change in government policy could relax restrictions on the surrounding rural countryside, opening up the possibility of larger scale developments.

How is new housing development currently assessed in Thurgarton village?

Through the Planning Application process

Permission for new development is applied for by homeowners or developers.

Newark and Sherwood District Council assess the applications against National and Local Policy and consult with the Parish Council and other agencies such as Nottinghamshire County Council.

Planning decisions in Thurgarton are influenced by the fact that :

The Conservation area celebrates the unique character of Thurgarton, it's rural charm, buildings and the spaces between them.

Thurgarton Conservation Area

The Green Belt gives protection against large scale development to the south west of the village.

Nottinghamshire Green Belt

A summary of the relevant Local and National policies is available to view on the Newark and Sherwood District Council website.


How can we all ensure that future development in Thurgarton doesn't damage it's character and rural charm?

By putting in place a Neighbourhood Plan

This takes into account village residents' views and considers how Local and National policies can be reinforced in Thurgarton by our own policies to control development.

Survey results of residents' views

Surveys have revealed that there is a willingness to consider the following types of development :

  • Smaller properties for people to downsize to
  • 2 – 4 affordable homes for residents in housing need
  • Starter homes for those trying to enter the market
  • Bungalows for those seeking single storey accommodation or who have disabilities

Proposed Neighbourhood Plan HOUSING policies for Thurgarton are :

  • Policy 1 - Thurgarton Village Envelope

    The Thurgarton Village Envelope as shown on the map defines the land and buildings that for the core of the village where most housing and community facilities are focussed.

Thurgarton Village Envelope

  • Policy 2 - New Development

    Proposals within the new envelope will be supported for housing, community, retail, cultural, leisure and tourism development.

  • Policy 3 - Housing, mix type and density

    These will require justification in relation to housing need at the time of the planning application. Proposals that do not address current housing needs will not be supported without justification.

  • Policy 4 - Parking

    All proposals for new development should incorporate measures to avoid on street vehicle parking wherever possible.


Employment Section

There are 3 main industrial areas in Thurgarton, along with employment created by local farmers and a number of small businesses.

Thurgarton Industrial Areas

Proposed Neighbourhood Plan EMPLOYMENT policy for Thurgarton is:

POLICY 5 - Employment Development

Proposals for expansion of existing, or development of new employment uses in Thurgarton Parish, including the Trent Lane Industrial Area should:

  • Give consideration to re-use of existing structures wherever possible
  • Demonstrate consideration of the impact of noise, light and emissions on the amenity of local residents


Community Facilities Section

What Community Facilities Exist in Thurgarton?

  1. Thurgarton Community FacilitiesVillage Hall

  2. St Peter's Church

  3. Methodist Chapel

  4. Village Pub (Red Lion)

  5. Hair Salon

  6. Cricket Club

  7. Railway Station

  8. Green Open Spaces

  9. Bridleways & Pathways

  10. Bus Service

  11. Telephone Box

  12. Thurgarton Walled Garden Allotments (TWGA)





Proposed Neighbourhood Plan Community Facilities policies are:

  1. Development proposals that result in the loss of community facilities will be resisted unless it can be demonstrated that they are no longer required or viable or adequate provision has been made elsewhere, which is equally accessible and of the same quality.

  2. Proposals for development of new and enhanced community facilities will be supported particularly where they address an identified deficiency and comply with other relevant planning policies.

  3. Proposals relating to the green areas identified on the policies map shall be determined in accordance with Spatial Policy 8 of the Newark and Sherwood Core Strategy.

  4. A proposal for the development of a car park at Thurgarton Railway station that complies with all other relevant planning policies will be supported.


Heritage and Environment Section

The heritage and environment of the village and its surroundings are important to the community:

There are local and national policies in place to protect and control the development with conservation villages. These include

  • Core Policies 9 to maintain a high standard of design, and both enhance and protect the environment

  • Core Policy 14 to preserve and enhance the character of the conservation area including listed buildings, cultural assets and archaeological sites

  • 2008 Conservation Area Appraisal undertaken by Newark and Sherwood District Council to document the village character and appearance for use in the assessment of planning applications

Thurgarton Open Areas


We have identified specific open areas to complement those in the conservation appraisal that we feel need protecting