Thurgarton Neighbourhood Plan

The Thurgarton Neighbourhood Plan (TNP) 2016-2026 is being prepared by and for the residents of Thurgarton Parish. It is designed to:-

  • preserve the things that draw people to the village and make them want to stay here
  • protect the environment that local people value
  • ensure that housing, services and recreation develop in line with local aspirations and needs
  • be used by Thurgarton Parish Council, Newark and Sherwood DC and Notts CC when responding to new planning applications

March 2017 - The Thurgarton Neighbourhood Plan is now at the Referendum stage.

The Independent Examiner, appointed by Newark and Sherwood District Council, has found that the Thurgarton Neighbourhood Plan meets the basic conditions and should proceed to referendum. Only one modification was recommended by the examiner, and this related to a form of wording rather than content.

The report by the Independent Examiner includes:-

Summary and Conclusion

  1. The Thurgarton Neighbourhood Plan 2016 - 2026 sets out a clear vision and objectives. It is a well written document with precise policies and detailed explanatory text.
  2. To meet the Basic Conditions, it has only been necessary for me to recommend modification to one policy. As the Plan identifies a new village envelope rather than one in an existing Local Plan, to provide a practical framework for decision making, I have recommended modification to Policy 1 to specifically refer to the new Village Envelope as defined on Map 1.
  3. Whilst I have set out my reasoning under individual policies, my overall conclusion is that, subject to my recommendation, the Plan meets the Basic Conditions. It is appropriate to make the Plan. Subject to my recommendation being accepted, I consider that the Thurgarton Neighbourhood Plan 2016 - 2026 will provide a strong practical framework against which decisions on development can be made. I am pleased to recommend that the Thurgarton Neighbourhood Plan 2016 - 2026, as modified by my recommendation, should proceed to Referendum.

And in other sections –

……I am pleased to recommend that the Thurgarton Neighbourhood Plan 2016 – 2026 as modified by my recommendation should proceed to Referendum.

…….The Plan is a well-written document, which is easy to read. Those involved in the production of the Plan should be very pleased with their achievement. Where I have found minor errors, I have identified them above. It is not for me to re-write the Plan. If other minor amendments are required as a result of my proposed modification, I see these as editorial matters which can be dealt with as minor amendments to the Plan.

The modified Thurgarton Neighbourhood Plan 2016 – 2026  was received by Newark and Sherwood Council and a referendum has been approved by the Council.

So, the final step is for Newark and Sherwood District Council to hold a referendum of the parish, this is planned for 4th May, when parishioners will be asked to vote for or against the Thurgarton Neighbourhood Plan. The vote will be decided by a simple majority, if positive then the Thurgarton Neighbourhood Plan will become part of the local development plan.

At the referendum you will be asked to respond to the following question:-

‘Do you want Newark and Sherwood District Council to use the Neighbourhood Plan for Thurgarton to help it decide planning applications in the neighbourhood area?’

View the Thurgarton Neighbourhood Plan 2016-2026, Referendum version (March 2017)

View the Thurgarton Neighbourhood Plan 2016-2026, Report by the Independent Examiner (1st March 2017)

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