Welcome to Thurgarton Parish Council

All members of the public are welcome to attend Parish Council meetings. If you wish a specific matter to be discussed at the meeting please let the Clerk or Chair know at least 7 full days in advance of the next meeting in time for it to be included on the agenda. Agendas and the previous minutes are circulated to Thurgarton Parish via the village email system, are posted on the village noticeboards and on this website.



Contact Details

Tina Tsoukatos (Chair): 830371
Charles Day (Vice Chair): 830627
Roger Aston: 831305
David Lewis:
Natalie Robinson: 
Denise Bryant:
Katie Chan:

Mike Elliott (Clerk): 0115 937 6506

Data Protection

Thurgarton Parish Council is registered with the Information Commissioner's Office. Please click here to view the certificate of registration.