Thurgarton Emergency Plan

The purpose of the Thurgarton Emergency Plan (TEP) plan is to help the community prepare for any emergency and minimise its impact should they be affected.

All major emergencies are to be dealt with by the emergency services, local authorities, utilities and voluntary agencies in a combined response.

The Parish Council is not an emergency service. It is not trained, equipped, empowered or resourced to be so. In an emergency, the response from the community should generally be confined to looking after the welfare of the people in it or helping to maintain the infrastructure.

However, in extreme conditions such as heavy snow or flooding, there is the possibility that there will not be an immediate response from emergency services. In such circumstances the initial response may rely entirely on local people. In this circumstance the TEP will be invoked, this plan is a co-ordinated and planned response depending upon local people to provide communication and suitable action depending upon need, and is ultimately in place to address the welfare of the village residents.

The Thurgarton Emergency Plan can be viewed and downloaded here.