What is a Parish Council and how is it funded?

Parish Councils are local authorities first created by statute in 1894. Parish Councils are the tier of local government closest to the people. In Thurgarton, we work with our district authority (Newark & Sherwood District Council ) and our county council (Nottinghamshire County Council). Parish Councils are elected every 4 years. Newark and Sherwood DC organise Parish Council elections for us. In the event that there are fewer candidates than seats, a Parish Council may coopt additional member(s).

Thurgarton Parish Council is made up of 7 councillors who contribute to the work of the whole council by suggesting ideas; engaging in constructive debate; responding to the needs and views of the community; commenting on proposals to ensure the best outcome; voting – to enable the council to make decisions. The decisions that the council takes are the responsibility of the council as a whole.

The Parish Council elects its chairman annually at its Annual Meeting, in May. There is no minimum or maximum term that a chairman may serve but we will carefully review the position every election term (4 years).

The Clerk is employed by the Council to provide administrative support and professional advice for the council's activities. The Clerk is responsible for preparing the agenda for meetings, taking the minutes and executing business arising.

The Parish Council is a consultee on planning applications in the parish, but Newark & Sherwood DC as the planning authority manages the process and determines whether permission is granted or declined. The Parish Council is often asked by the District or County Council to publicise events and consultations within the village.

Parish Councils have the power to raise money by means of the precept. The amount needed is agreed by the Parish Council and then collected by the District council along with the council tax.